In this article, I haved tried to clarify the similarities and differences in the education system of India and USA. Whereas, there are some similarities, there are also some significant variations too between the two education techniques. It might be tough for me to mention right here intimately regarding all of the variations, but I will try to spotlight a few key differences that may turn the eye of the academicians, lecturers, college students and policy makers towards the perfect practices adopted by USA in its education system. On the health front there is a proposal in Australia to place student’s weight on report cards as a part of an effort to combat obesity. The Sydney Morning Herald ( Dec 7, 2012) studies that such a step could lead to lecturers and oldsters focus on students’ food plan and fitness routines based on Prof. David Penington, former vice-chancellor of Melbourne College and dean of medicine. It is a tough one due to confidentiality issues and there are definitely different methods to open communication on health-related issues between academics and fogeys. Public education on weight problems has not helped a lot over a 12-year interval in the USA and a little bit of shock tactics might simply be what the physician ordered.

Based on the Chinese language Civilization, some of the main techno-offerings from China embody paper, early seismological detectors, rest room paper, matches, iron plough, the multi-tube seed drill, the suspension bridge, the wheelbarrow, the parachute, pure gasoline as gasoline, the magnetic compass, the raised-aid map, the blast furnace, the propeller, the crossbow, the South Pointing Chariot, and gun powder. With the invent of paper they’ve given their first step in the direction of developments of educational know-how by additional culturing different handmade products of paper as technique of visible aids.

The workers’ education programs may be carried out within the campus itself. The workers may be given practical coaching in the discipline. Extension work may additionally kind part of the programme of employees’ educations. Great data. My daughter is trying to determine on a career, I will give her this infor. The Centre for Vocational Education Research (CVER) is a newly established research establishment, funded by the Division for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Constitutional monarchy – a system of government in which a monarch is guided by a constitution whereby his/her rights, duties, and responsibilities are spelled out in written law or by customized. It is a manufacturing facility-model classroom. Impressed partly by the approach Horace Mann saw in Prussia in 1843, it seemed to adequately put together American youth for the 20th century industrialized economic system. But in 1983, the federal government declared in A Nation At Threat that our system was beginning to slide.

Qulity assurance is the method of attaining excellence within the service rendered to every consumer. Nationwide Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Braille Growth Part. (1996, February). Standing of the Nationwide Literary Braille Competency Check. Braille Monitor, pp. 87-88. Now increasingly observers of world capitalism are coming to the conclusion that we now need new rules of growth where few wealthy people or MNCs do not hijack the freedoms of abnormal people.